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About MVRed

MVRed “Mahoning Valley Red” was an idea based on the hope the once dark blue Mahoning Valley would embrace conservatism. Fast forward to 2016 when Trumbull County voted for President Trump. Four years later, Mahoning County joined Trumbull County in delivering the entire Mahoning Valley to the GOP for the first time since 1972! An idea a decade earlier that once seemed improbable came to fruition. The Mahoning Valley went red and we believe will continue trending red over the next decade.

In 2019, the MVRed Podcast was launched. The podcast prides itself on in-depth political analysis on issues impacting the Mahoning Valley, state of Ohio, and the USA. We’ve been fortunate to have world renowned pollster Rich Baris, national political commentator Rich Baris, Ohio State Senate candidate Nick Santucci, and US Senate candidates Mark Pukita and Bernie Moreno on our show. We appreciate you for tuning in and we encourage you to share our podcast with your family and friends!

Michael and Dane are natives of the Mahoning Valley. Michael is a CPA for a transportation company in Youngstown, while Dane is an investment banker in Cleveland.